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New zealand earthquake|New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern Keeps Cool As Earthquake

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‘A decent shake’: New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern carries on ...

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Breaking news new zealand earthquake - 2020-04-12,South Dakota

I look like I am in a structurally sound place,” she said from the New Zealand Parliament’s “Beehive” building in Wellington, the country’s capital.Location:Epicenter at -37.403, 177.44368.2 km fromOpotiki(42.2 miles).About 14,000 earthquakes occur in and around the country each year, of which between 150 and 200 are big enough to be felt.

‘But, um, if you see things moving behind me.2020-03-14 10:05:15 UTCat 10:05 March 14, 2020 UTC.Location:Epicenter at -44.75, 167.35979.2 km fromTe Anau(49.2 miles).

Location:Epicenter at 60.673, -150.38725.2 km fromSterling(15.2 miles).Today2020-05-25 08:25:24 UTCat 08:25 May 25, 2020 UTC.Tens of thousands of people reported feeling the quake across the country’s North and South Islands, according to New Zealand geological hazard monitoring network GeoNet.

New zealand earthquake 2011 - 2020-03-29,Arkansas

Today2020-05-25 07:44:36 UTCat 07:44 May 25, 2020 UTC.The nation’s setting is now at level two, but authorities will consider a move to the lowest setting level one on June 8.Location:Epicenter at -40.495, 176.36246.2 km fromCastlepoint(28.2 miles).

There were no reports of injuries or major damage from the earthquake, which was 23 miles (37km) deep.2020-04-26 22:52:11 UTCat 22:52 April 26, 2020 UTC.The beehive moves a little more than most,” she joked on the AM Show on Newshub.

New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, has developed a reputation for keeping her cool in the face of a crisis.However, the earthquake which lasted for 30 seconds didn't cause any damages or injuries as per reports but did cause panic in Wellington with several people in offices and homes rushing for cover.

new zealand latest earthquake news

Jacinda Ardern Stays Cool as Earthquake Rattles New ...

New zealand quake today - 2020-05-16,Virginia

if you see things moving behind me.— Reuters.Location:Epicenter at 38.165, -117.96965.2 km fromTonopah(40.2 miles).

We will automatically post your comment and a link to the news story to your Facebook timeline at the same time it is posted on MailOnline. “Quite a decent shake here,” she added, according to news website Stuff NZ.“Quite a decent shake here.”.

Location:Epicenter at -40.138, 173.48882.2 km fromOpunake(51.2 miles). Monday’s reaction seemed quite in keeping for a leader who kept the 5-million population’s confirmed coronavirus caseload in check at 1,503, with 21 deaths, while selling her country on a strict, weeks-long lockdown, as ABC News reported.Once the shaking stopped, Ardern, giggling, reassured the host that everything was O.K.

New zealand earthquake today tsunami - 2020-05-13,Alaska

All trains in Wellington were suspended while engineers assessed the impact, the city’s Metlink service said on Twitter.

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New zealand latest earthquake news - 2020-03-22,Illinois

Information for earthquakes before 1840 are later estimates.The tremors started as Ardern was on TV from the parliament building, called the beehive.A Wellington councillor, Fleur Fitzsimons, reported the quake hit at a strange time. .

Location:Epicenter at -40.431, 174.98626.2 km fromFoxton(16.2 miles).The 5.8 magnitude quake lasted for more than 15 seconds and struck roughly 18 miles northwest of Levin, a town located around an 80-minute drive from the capital.‘No, we’re fine Ryan, I’m not under any hanging lights and I look like I’m in a structurally sound place.’.

She interrupted AM Show presenter Ryan Bridge to tell him there was an earthquake happening, looking briefly troubled, before smiling and carrying on with the interview.Geological Survey.In 2016, a 7.8 magnitude tremor hit the South Island town of Kaikoura, killing two and causing billions of dollars worth of damage, including in Wellington.

latest earthquake in new zealand

New Zealand earthquake: PM Jacinda Ardern live on TV in ...

Breaking news new zealand earthquake - 2020-03-04,Minnesota

Location:Epicenter at -36.549, 178.856213.2 km fromOpotiki(132.2 miles).Get in touch with our news team by emailing us at webnews@metro.co.uk.New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern barely skipped a beat when an earthquake struck during a live television interview Monday morning.

Location:Epicenter at -43.609, 172.75212.2 km fromChristchurch(7.2 miles).Your details from Facebook will be used to provide you with tailored content, marketing and ads in line with our Privacy Policy.2020-04-27 02:01:33 UTCat 02:01 April 27, 2020 UTC.

“I’m not under any hanging lights.”.Monday's magnitude 5.6 quake struck in the ocean about 62 miles northeast of Wellington, according to the U.S.Location:Epicenter at 38.159, -117.99968.2 km fromHawthorne(42.2 miles).

New zealand earthquake today - 2020-04-14,Connecticut

Location:Epicenter at -37.403, 177.44368.2 km fromOpotiki(42.2 miles).

Breaking news new zealand earthquake - 2020-03-18,Montana

Your details from Facebook will be used to provide you with tailored content, marketing and ads in line with our Privacy Policy.No injuries or structural damage have been reported.Location:Epicenter at 61.428, -151.05259.2 km fromBig Lake(36.2 miles).

2020-01-25 10:45:11 UTCat 10:45 January 25, 2020 UTC.Location:Epicenter at -40.285, 173.40678.2 km fromTakaka(48.2 miles).Emergency services in Wellington City said there were no immediate reports of damage.

2020-01-25 06:27:45 UTCat 06:27 January 25, 2020 UTC.Location:Epicenter at -40.431, 174.98626.2 km fromFoxton(16.2 miles).“We’re just having a bit of an earthquake here, Ryan,” Ardern told the host of Newshub when the rumbling began.

New zealand earthquake today tsunami - 2020-04-23,Missouri

Location:Epicenter at 38.189, -117.76849.2 km fromTonopah(30.2 miles).Today2020-05-25 09:05:53 UTCat 09:05 May 25, 2020 UTC.New Zealand PM unfazed as earthquake hits during interview.

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