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Christi Paschen Marni Yang,Woman who murdered Shaun Gayle’s pregnant girlfriend|2020-05-11

Marni Yang’s Husband. Where Is Yen Yang Now?

Mar 15, 2011A Lake County jury has reached a verdict in the murder trial of Marni Yang, who is charged with the murder of former Chicago Bear Shaun Gayle’s pregnant girlfriend.Marni Yang claims without a car she was stuck at home at the exact time Rhoni Reuter was murdered.That black Volkswagen leads police to a car rental company.On the 20/20 episode airing Friday, May 8, titled “Murder and Scandal in Chicagoland,” ABC News anchor Juju Chang sits down with the woman tried and convicted in Reuter’s murder, Marni Yang. That prosecutor, the petition says, was Patricia Fix, who now serves as a Lake County judge.

Mother Of 3 Convicted Of Killing Ex-Chicago Bears Player's ...

The petition, filed in October, seeks a reversal of the conviction, a new trial or an evidentiary hearing based on evidence that Yang’s attorney says proves she didn’t murder Rhoni Reuter, 42, who was six months pregnant with Gayle’s child when she was gunned down at her Deerfield condominium.I can't find the words to convey the regret I'll have for the rest of my life even knowing her, Gayle said after the verdict. A prosecutor said at Yang’s trial that there is not one piece of evidence that ties (Gayle) to the crime in any way.Mar 11, 2011Marni Yang's defense team launched a full assault on the credibility of a key state witness against her Friday morning in Yang's murder trial in Lake County Circuit Court.

Yang Defense Attacks Witness' Credibility

Although Marni was charged for the murder in 2009 after evidence pointed to her and her relationship with Shaun became known, it was only after she was recorded confessing to everything to her friend Christi Paschen, that she was convicted.In its motion to dismiss Yang’s post-conviction relief petition, the state says that three months after the murder, when police interrogated Yang over a number of days, they told her repeatedly that her son was not a suspect.Mar 12, 2011MAD Marni Yang's former friend who secretly taped her admitting the crime, changed her story to Cops after they warned her she could be tied to the murder she testified yesterday.

Marni Young's Lawyers Say She Didn't ... - Daily Mail Online

But now Christi Paschen's got a secret.Is Chicago Really the ‘False Confession Capital’?. They interviewed her over three days, but a judge ruled they failed to properly inform her of her right to remain silent."This was the most premeditated and carefully executed crime I've ever seen," said Ari Fisz. The petition marks a new chapter in a sensational case that garnered national attention in 2007 after Reuter, 42, was found dead inside her Deerfield condominium.Now, more than a year after Rhoni's murder, Paschen leads police back to that spot.

Marni Yang's Acquaintance Claims Yang Told Her About ...

And it was Yang, not Paschen, describing the murder on the secret recordings, Fisz reminded jurors.Transcript of Marni Yang's Conversation with Friend Christi Paschen On March 2, 2009:.But when Reuter emerged to leave for work on the morning of Oct. Stone said live rounds recovered at the scene were found to have DNA on them, but the DNA belongs to an unidentified man, not Yang.However, when asked about it during her interview with “20/20”, she couldn’t remember the name of the photographer with whom she was working.How did Marni gain access to Shaun's email account?.

Christi Paschen Now In 2020: Where Is Marni Yang's Friend ...

In 2007, she was found […].Christi Paschen told police Yang came by her home a day before the murder and told Paschen she planned to kill Reuter.A few weeks ago, she cited the health crisis in a new petition for clemency, which is scheduled to be heard in July.Police looked into that angle, but the former girlfriend, a polish beauty named Sasha (Sascha), had an alibi.“I took the first shot,” Yang said on the.Their motion covers a number of points.For many from the Chicago area, Oct.It's as if she was trying to assure Christi Paschen that she'd done a good job.Apparently, Marni had told her plans of disguising herself and killing Rhoni to her friend the night before the event in 2007.

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